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February 10, 2016

Hi! Welcome to this web site. Come in and relax to browse around.

At this time, I updated this what's new and index pages. Also, I plan to increase English ones sometime in the future.

Since I am updating this web site, please come back to this site. Thank you!

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Keiko Tanaka's Exhibition of Water Color Painting
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Photo Gallary of
Photoes of Chigasaki-city such as Eboshi reef, fishing port, Hamaori festival, Chigasaki Railway Station and Mt. Fuji.@
Photo Gallary of
Photoes of Shonan area such as Enoshima island and Kamakura.
Extra Boston, New York
Photo Gallary of
Photoes of products, friends, facilities of BUSICOM/NCM created world 1st microcomputers with Intel.
Aiko's Page Painting portrait of pets.
Mariko's Page Making confectionery.
Water-Color Painting
Exhibitions of water-color painting, profile, and others like violin.
Profile Charlie's profle, his likeness, and his friends.
Photoshop Study Group Studies@Panorama@Panorama Tokyo station@Large print@Composit photoes@Large print of 80 pcs of letter size, Marry Exhibition of photoes taken by friends
My Hometown/Libruary Calendar Year2015@Year2016Mo.P@Q@R@S@T@U@V@W@X@PO@PP@PQ
Station to Station Walking Walked toward the Tokyo red brick station.
Pictures and 57577 Poem My mother wrote 5,7,5,7,7 words, and my wife painted to the words.
My Favorites Restaurants that Charlie would like to revisit.@ @@@@
Link Homepages that Charlie recommends to visit. Questionnaire in the last page.@@@@@@
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